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Ashes to Ashes

Eren Tristram is running out of time.

He has two days left to live, and for Abeni Singsweet, time has never moved more slowly. Sure, he robbed her of everything she knew and loved- her family, her homeland, her heirlooms, and her ability to trust. But he was her first love. And seeing why he did it, and the man he’s become… and the woman she has… forgiveness isn’t as out of reach as she’d have said, even a few short days ago.

She promised herself she was only going to help Eren to complete his final act, to protect others, because it was the right thing to do. 

But as the clock ticks down to Eren’s execution for treason, will she truly be able to leave him to his fate? Allying with him would see her executed alongside him. But once she’s begun to forgive, once the foundations of her world have shifted so much, where will it end? With her world burning around her—and his—

Ashes to ashes.