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Hold Back the Night

paranormal romance

There’s nothing more dangerous than a cornered witch.

Tamsin Lee is trapped in a shadowy version of the Penrose University of Magic. It’s a decaying realm of outcasts, monsters, and fairy tales. Her lovers are missing. Her powers are gone. She has only her wits to rely on.

The ruler of the realm, the Adjunct, gives her a choice: Work for the Adjunct as a courier in the misty wastelands, or be killed. 

It’s not a hard decision.

Tamsin is paired up with the enigmatic Dancer. He’s a Reaper, a hunter of demons, and either her greatest ally or her worst enemy. 

Her lovers are out there, somewhere. And she’ll burn the world down to get back to them.

HOLD BACK THE NIGHT is a full-length reverse harem epic fantasy novel, and the sequel to TURN ON THE NIGHT.