Rising Fury by Elianne Adams

Rising Fury by Elianne Adams

Every morning, as light streams into his prison, Zandar prays for death. There are no bars to hold him in his cell, no door, yet he cannot escape. He should know. With numb fingers, he’s tried more times than he could count. His crime? Believing that the good in the world outweighed the evil.

Fury robs him of sanity for days—sometimes weeks—on end. Even the sweet promise of a mate isn’t enough to keep the madness at bay. Now his brother is determined to release him from his frozen hell. But his phoenix thirsts for blood, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets its revenge.

Jackie hates attention. She doesn’t need adventure in her life—much. Maybe it’s the fact that any strenuous activity could kill her. Or it could be the beautiful women she travels with, but she wouldn’t be chosen. She wasn’t the one men looked at with more than a passing glance. She was too quiet. Too plain. Too—her.

If she hadn’t promised she would help the others find the captured phoenixes, she would have tucked tail and ran home already. But she’d keep her word. Even if it meant spending what little time she had left on earth chasing someone else’s happily ever after.

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About the Book

Release Schedule for Elianne Adams

Book #1 – Rising Darkness – 15 May 2018

Book #2 – Rising Fury – 7 August 2018

Book #3 – Rising Storm – 30 October 2018

Series: Lick of Fire Series, Book 31
Genre: Paranormal Romance
About the Author
Elianne Adams

Élianne Adams is a self-proclaimed tropical climate Princess, so how she managed to be born in snowy Ontario, Canada is a complete mystery. The sexy as sin fire breathing dragons, gryphons, and phoenixes she writes will set your devices ablaze, but if those Alphas aren’t enough, she’s also got larger than life wolf and jaguar shifters you can sink your fangs into.

To learn more about Elianne and her books, visit her website: www.elianneadams.com

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