Rising Darkness by Elianne Adams

Rising Darkness by Elianne Adams

He cannot die...

The phoenix will continuously rise from the ashes. For Zenon, this is his ultimate curse. Left to rot at the end of a chain for millennia, he is desperate to end the suffering of one horrendous demise, and rebirth, after another - to finally find peace. Desperate for anything other than his fated life of solitude. Desperate for his true death.

She cannot live…

Tormented by an unrelenting heart affliction, Nickie has to endure dying repeatedly. The physical pain of death is eclipsed only by the paralyzing fear of when her heart will stop beating next… and whether or not this time will be the last. That is, until she learns the myth of phoenix shifters, and the healing power they have over their human mates.

Together they could be everything…

An evil is rising. One more powerful than any the phoenix shifters have faced before. If Zenon and Nickie cannot convince the others to help, the pain they’ve already endured will pale in comparison to their future.

Unless they can convince the other phoenixes to help, then all humanity is lost.

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About the Book

Release Schedule for Elianne Adams

Book #1 – Rising Darkness – 15 May 2018

Book #2 – Rising Fury – 7 August 2018

Book #3 – Rising Storm – 30 October 2018

Series: Lick of Fire Series, Book 7
Genre: Paranormal Romance
eBook Price: 3.99
About the Author
Elianne Adams

Élianne Adams is a self-proclaimed tropical climate Princess, so how she managed to be born in snowy Ontario, Canada is a complete mystery. The sexy as sin fire breathing dragons, gryphons, and phoenixes she writes will set your devices ablaze, but if those Alphas aren’t enough, she’s also got larger than life wolf and jaguar shifters you can sink your fangs into.

To learn more about Elianne and her books, visit her website: www.elianneadams.com

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