Flames and Fervor by Daniella Starre

Flames and Fervor by Daniella Starre

Animals have been disappearing and now humans are being found cut to ribbons. Investigative reporter Audrey Wright longs to discover what is going on and soon finds herself embroiled in a war between two dragon clans. When one dragon nearly kills her, another saves her.

Damon King is one of the three leaders of the Three-Tailed Clan. He, along with Francesco Marino and Miguel Ramirez Lopez, must do what they can to save their fellow dragons. Under no circumstances can they be distracted by a certain headstrong, red-haired beauty named Audrey...

Flames and Fervor is the twelfth book in the Lick of Fire Collection and the first in Daniella Starre’s Clashing Claws trilogy of slow-burn reverse harem tales that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

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Release Schedule for Daniella Starre, Clashing Claws Series

Book #1 – Flames & Fervor – 19 June 2018

Book #2 – Smoke & Seduction – 4 September 2018

Book #3 – Embers & Ecstacy – 27 November 2018

About the Author
Daniella Starre

Daniella Starre loves love, chocolate martinis, and… okay, any kind of martini. When she’s not writing about werewolves finding their mates, she’s binging all kinds of shows and movies on Netflix.

To learn more about Daniella and her books, visit her website: www.daniellastarre.com

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